The Lamb Devours the Oscars: Best Supporting Actor

I became a LAMB in November 2011, over a year after I started blogging to spread the word about Mettel Ray (then known as Mettel Ray Movie Blog) and to be apart of a very large community of movie bloggers. I think I was even a contributor and everything, which is why it’s actually baffling to me that I can’t remember why I stopped. Did I even give in my resignation? Did I just forget that I was a LAMB with university taking over my life? I did go through a lot of rough years with my blog during university as well, so it might have been my own personal crisis that pulled me away from that community. But that is not the point of this post! The point of this post is to talk about the upcoming Oscars, and more importantly, the Best Supporting Actor category. So I’m here to present my (maybe not so biased) list of all the fine actors nominated this year, discussing their performances and their chances of winning this year.

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LAMMYs 2013: the Perks of Being Considered

LammyButtonThough I was technically a Lamb during the last LAMMY Awards, I was more or less not as invested in blogging as I am now. Therefore, I’m kinda new at the 2013 LAMMYs and all of this is super exciting for obvious reasons. Since the polls open tomorrow, I’m gonna start my campaign for votes. Though it sounds political, trust me, it’s not… or maybe it is but just a little.

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Quality vs Quantity

Despite the fact that I became a part of LAMB (The Large Association of Movie Blogs) a while ago, I started to appreciate its benefits much later as my confidence as a blogger grew. One could say that summer 2012 was a lot about me growing up as a person and as a movie lover which lead me to be apart of LAMB on a higher capacity. Last Saturday, Joe posted an interesting piece of news on LAMB’s main site which got me thinking about the quality and quantity of movie blogs. More specifically, there are 1422 movie blogs! and I can’t help to think that sadly just a small portion of those are worthy of my attention.

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