Lady Bird (2017)


Loved by many, Lady Bird was high on my anticipation list for quite some time. I expected it to be an indie gem, thought provoking and filled with great performances, and to be completely honest, it met all my expectations. I’m a sucker for teen dramas, and even though I dislike annoying protagonists, Saoirse Ronan in the middle of Lady Bird and its atmosphere,  all just worked.

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Manchester By the Sea (2016)

manchester-by-the-seaI want to curl up into a ball and rock myself back and worth until I’m rid of these feelings. I want to hug Casey Affleck, and slap him at the same time, because he managed to break me in a way that I wasn’t expecting to break. I want to not think about the feelings, the hurt, the subtle reveal of heartache, because every time I do, I manage to break myself again.

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