The Boss (2016)

the bossI like Melissa McCarthy. I think she is funny, she is a great actress, and she deserves all the attention she is getting! But, and this is not the first nor the last time I’ll be saying this, I don’t like her movies. Sure, some of her movies have been amazing, for instance Spy, but the majority of comedies that she has starred in the past few years (some of them I haven’t even watched) have been disappointing – and that list now includes The Boss.

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Identity Thief (2013)

Identity ThiefIdentity Thief marks the first 2013 release I have gotten to see and well, I’m just the opposite of thrilled of that fact. Seriously, what was I thinking with actually watching this movie when I’m well aware of my continues dislike towards the comedies Hollywood is proudly pushing down my throat? Who knows, because among the few laughs I somehow managed to get and the smouldering Jason Bateman, who I usually enjoy, Identity Thief is yet another comedy I did not like.

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# 219 – Emmy Awards 2011

So I thought it would be nice to do a short summary of this years Emmy Awards that might end up just being a post about the winners not the losers and some of my comments about those shows/actors/actresses. If you don’t want to entire list of this years Emmys go to here.

The saddest part is that the best comedy and the best drama TV-show are both totally unfamiliar to me. I should change that and I think I might have some time during December when my classes end quite early. Basically I have to watch Modern Family and Mad Men which took home the Emmys. The comedy one makes sense, I heard only good things about Modern Family. What is shocking (a bit) is that Mad Men took the Emmy from Game of Thrones. Although it is a fresh show, the Thrones have proven to be one of the best ones this year so I thought it would definitely take the best drama but I guess I was wrong.

While the miniseries Mildred Pierce with Kate Winslet and Guy Pearce got the Outstanding Lead Actress and Outstanding Supporting Actor in miniseries or movie the Outstanding Miniseries award went to Downtown Abbey. I haven’t seen either of these although I think I might be seeing Mildred Pierce this upcoming weekend (not promising it though). It has 5 parts and I think it would be a nice entertainment although I just might end up downloading it and keeping it for my lonely nights here in Pärnu.

The funniest actor is the Golden Globe winner Jim Parsons from The Big Bang Theory (yay!) and Melissa McCarthy took the Emmy as the funniest actress in a comedy series. I am really happy about the first one, Jim Parsons is the funniest guy out there in my mind as well, but McCarthy is a tricky one. I have nothing against her, I loved her in Gilmore Girls but I haven’t watched Mike and Molly though so as far as I know Tina Fay and Amy Poehler deserved it a bit more.

Other awards went also to shows I haven’t watched like the Outstanding Lead Actress in a drama series went to The Good Wife Julianna Margiulies and the Actor who won the Emmy of the same category  was Kyle Chandler for Friday Night Lights, a show that ended at the beginning of this year but still took the Outstanding Writing of a Drama Series Emmy.

The most Emmy Awards went to the Modern Family but I’m not gonna list them all because I can’t really comment since I haven’t watched it (yet) but I do want to point out that Boardwalk Empire got many nominations but took only the Outstanding Directing of a Drama Series with its pilot that was directed by no-one other than Martin Scorsese so this would be another show that I recommend to myself and others cause I apparently don’t have enough on my plate at the moment.

So this is it, these were the Emmy awards this year and if nothing else seems realistic the fact that the next Emmys will be better that the ones this year looks very promising because Suits is able to get nominated.

# 193 – Bridesmaids

My latest cinema experience was the Hangover female version Bridesmaids with Kristen Wiig and Chris O’Dowd as the main couple. There were many other women in this one but most of them unknown except Melissa McCarthy who had the most uncomfortable role in this movie (and during her career I might add) along with her husband. That being said – the main issue that I have with this movie is the plot. I mean, really? The way it was played off was not bad, there were some funny moments and since I love British men, I enjoyed every scene that had Chris O’Down in it – sadly there wasn’t enough of him, most of the movie was about emptying themselves in the middle of the street and Kristen Wiig going crazy in the middle of a party.

It surprises me that this has the same score in IMDb that Horrible Bosses because I liked the last one a lot and even though, as my friend pointed out, I laughed a lot during Bridesmaids I really didn’t like this one as a story. Probably due to its stupid plot, the shallow characters and the weird friendship between the soon-to-be-bride and her best friend (Wiig). It was a two hour long dirty joke central where the only good things were O’Dowd’s accent and his pleasant character.

Taking this all into account I’m giving it a 2,5 out of 5 and even though I laughed, I wouldn’t call it a good movie (similar situation is with Knocked Up – laughed but it isn’t a good movie – ironic that Bridesmaids and Knocked Up share the same producer). So this feel good movie about yourself because you haven’t sat in the middle of the street doing the #2 isn’t something I’d watch again. But if you enjoy those kind of “oh-my-god-what-am-I-watching” comedies – go right ahead, this one has a lot of those moments when you just want to rewind some scenes.