Commercial Break #25

commercial break 25Images: 1) Hannah Lemholt 2) Romola Garai by Kristin Vicari.

With the amount of time I’ve spent at work, I’m actually surprised how much I accomplished throughout the weeks. Within two weeks I held a birthday event, went to the movies twice a week, read a few books, reviewed three movies in one sitting, watched Casey Neistat’s vlogs religiously and all that while I actually managed to have clean clothes. Then again, I’ve did all of that and more due to the fact that me and sleep aren’t best friends anymore.

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Let’s Play: Movie Roulette Blogathon

movie roulette poster

Since it has been almost 1,5 years since I held my last blog event, I figured the 5th anniversary of Mettel Ray would be a great occasion to announce my Movie Roulette Blogathon! And since my last ones have required quite a lot of thinking and let’s be honest, work, I thought I’d simplify things by making Movie Roulette all about having some fun!

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