Palo Alto (2013)

palo alto

I sense a spoiler, or two.

Ironically, being all grown up, I still think coming of age movies speak to me more than any other kind of stories being told on screen. Some of these teen dramas really resignate in me for weeks, months, years even (The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Fish Tank, The Breakfast Club), and others simply fall into the depth of all those 1000+ movies I’ve seen over the years. I have a feeling Palo Alto is one of those movies that has the potential, but might be gradually forgotten instead.

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Eight new-to-me actors I saw in 2013 and would love to see more

It feels like I haven’t done one of these list posts in a while and when I read Ruth’s posts about five new-to-her actors she’d like to see more of on Flixchatter, I was eager to do the same. The idea sounded great and I didn’t even mind that I had a lot of thinking to do when it came to actually listing these actors. Instead of picking actors from 2012 and/or 2013 movies, I’m simply splitting them into kids/teens and adults who caught my eye in movies I saw in 2013.

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Stuck in Love (2012)

stuck in love

Movie titles that indicate the fact that the movie is going to be all about romance scare me, so Stuck in Love pretty much sounds like a nightmare to me. Yes, I’m one of those romance hater types and nobody should ever invite me to the cinema to see a rom-com – even the idea of it makes me a bit dizzy. Then again, I always say that one should watch bad movies to recognize the greatness in the good ones, so even I have to find some courage and watch a movie about romance at some point. So I did, I was super brave and finally watched Stuck in Love – and since my life is a big pile of irony, I ended up liking it.

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