Thursday Movie Picks: Sororities/Fraternities/School Secret Societies

Another week, another Thursday Movie Pick, and since this week’s topic is quite similar to last week, I had a bit of a challenge on my hand. But do not be afraid, luckily enough, we have all those comedies that take place in college to choose from.

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Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising

Be aware, spoilers!

Following the successful and hilarious Neighbors, the team of writers behind it prove that it is possible to create a sequel equally as great! Filled with dildo jokes, dirty dancing moves, a ton of weed and a man hug, Neighbors 2 is funny, sweet and again, a  little crazy!

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Neighbors (2014)

neighborsThis post includes vague spoilers.

The kind of house next door relationship Neighbors portrays is something I’ve never experienced and most likely won’t get the chance to. Though, having Zac Efron and Dave Franco living next door would be a dream come true, huge fake dildos and weed-parties included.

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