Endless List of Things I Love About Parks & Recreation

Some of you might already know, others will find out in a second: I watched all seven seasons of Parks and Recreation within 2-3 weeks. Truthfully, the last season took a little extra time but it was because I wanted to postpone the inevitable –  the end of something special. But luckily, I have endless possibilities to watch it again so.. it technically hasn’t ended, though it has, and it is quite sad. As a cure for the sadness, I’ve created this endless list (which isn’t actually endless) of things I love about Parks and Recreation.

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The Kings of Summer (2013)

The Kings of Summer

For some reason I’m having trouble finding words to describe The Kings of Summer – this would mark my fourth attempt to start this review and it seems I’m not doing a good job with it. The irony of this situation is the fact that the movie was really good, I pretty much loved it to a point of perfection (I gave it 4,5 stars on Letterboxd) but now, even after two cups of coffee, I’ve lost part of my ability to express my love for this feelgood movie about boys becoming men.

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