Thursday Movie Picks Television Edition: High School

This is probably my favourite theme among this year’s television picks because I have so many shows to choose from! I’m literally wondering how many I can fit into this category and I guess the number could be huge – but I’m keeping a few for other themes because girl plans ahead! Therefore, this list has only five picks for this week but I swear, there’s something for everyone here with the theme being so god damn juicy! PS: Happy new school year to all the students and teachers out there, stay strong and educate on!

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Top Ten Tuesday: Fandoms From My Past

Ever since I’ve been following Maria over at Big City Bookworm, I’ve been amazed at her skill to participate in multiple tag posts a week. I mean, I can hardly keep track of one (Thursday Movie Picks) let alone two/three per week! Anyway, Maria is awesome, which is one of the points I wanted to make, the other is that ever since I started reading her Top 10 Tuesdays, weekly tag created by The Broke and the Bookish, I’ve wanted to participate but I never really jumped for it… until today! Who knows if I’ll post for Top 10 Tuesday every week but I’ll try my best, especially since I’m clearly not writing any reviews lately.

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Thursday Movie Picks: Teen Angst

This month is focusing around school and college, and teen angst is well connected to both those topics. But since angst itself is a something that can happen outside education, I’ve selected movies that have more to do with teenagers and less to do with school.

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Commercial Break #39

I’m currently in Brussels, visiting a friend and enjoying my first holiday of 2016. With the tragedy that took place almost a month ago in Brussels still fresh on my mind, and my flight schedule being changed twice, I finally arrived and everything’s fine! But despite my hiatus from my computer for almost a week, I’ve still got posts scheduled to publish (including this one), and I’ll be back before you know it!

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# 173 – Cancelled vs “On forever” (TV-show special)

This is my second TV-show special post because I’m kind of mad at the moment. I have to live without Hellcats and Better With You while shows like One Tree Hill and House continue to go down hill in a rapid speed. Besides those two, Off the Map also didn’t get its second season but I’m not very mad about that.

The most disappointing is Better With You because I really enjoyed that show with its characters and story-lines. Leaving it to the past feels like leaving Accidentally On Purpose behind and this all while Cougar Town (they will change the name by the beginning of the third season) is still airing with wining and whining – it’s a mystery to me, I stopped watching it in the beginning of the second season.

I already discussed Hellcats being kicked off the air and the reason that it wasn’t bad but it was going against Glee! Like, seriously, next to that I doubt any show would survive. I really think CW is trying to find a show that would make it and brake it in the sense that Glee wouldn’t be as popular next year. I doubt it, Glee has its moments and it has that singing that everybody likes (I fast forward those moments by the way) – it will stay on air for like forever I think, if they find a way to keep them together after high school – which might be a show stopper because nobody likes change.

Talking about change – well nothing has changed for One Tree Hill and House, they are still going on what feels like forever. Next to them, Desperate Housewives are still going strong as I’ve heard but I don’t watch them anymore. I think I got tired of the same old drama revolving around the same women, I give them like 3 more seasons at least which would make it 10 seasons (those women have nothing better do to anyways).

Anyway, this is probably all I had to say, I’m returning to movie reviews soon I think, only one post about TV-shows is coming your way which tries to introduce new shows that are coming in the fall. Stay tuned..

PS: Bye, Better With You – I will miss it because it was a great comedy with some really refreshing people!