When You Miss Movie Theaters…

writing-a-letterIt has now been over a month since the last time I stepped into a movie theater. I saw Bad Moms, which is not the movie you want to have as the last movie you saw when you are writing a love letter like confession. And it’s not like Bad Moms is at fault here, it’s all the other little things that get in the way, and before you know it, you miss it…

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Farewell Popcorn, Hello Coffee !

coffee talk

Fall has always signified new beginnings for me. It’s not the New Year’s Eve that brings change, it’s the change in the air, the vast alteration in nature and for most importantly, for years, it symbolized the beginning of a new school year. This year, fall means changes that have happened on Mettel Ray, changes, that will hopefully stir my creativity and motivation a little. Changes, that were inevitable as I have changed and this blog, has always been a reflection of me.

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Mettel Ray has a new rating system

Along side with my university deadlines and project works, I still took the time and finally put my idea of the new rating system into action. To be honest, I have had this idea for a long time but I kept pushing it further into the future for no good reason. But since I wanted the system to be up before the new year arrived and the previous system had became so annoying, I thought to launch it today. So behold, my new and improved system:


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