Summer Show Reminder

There is no sadder moment than the end of spring when all your favorite shows are finishing off a season. Some with a swizzle, some with a bang in order to keep you waiting eagerly until the next season. On the other hand, some shows will never make it past the first season, some long runners will never return where the last are the ones that some will miss the most. Pretty crucial cuts have to be made in order to make room for the new shows for next year and I am very aware of that situation. But although I am very invested in the what’s new and what’s cancelled part of the TV world, in this post I am focusing on my summer entertainment. No worries though, I have planned many posts regarding the news about shows I watch which covers a large amount of airtime.

Some of the cast of MTV’s Teen Wolf.

This summer I am very excited because there are three shows returning for the second season! For those of you who remember, MTV came out with two new shows last summer and both of them actually turned out to be good! Awkward. is a show about a teenager, which seems like it all has been done before, but it does have some clever writing and gives me the Juno vibe in a very positive way. First season ended with an interesting choice and not to mention the big question of the author of the letter hanging in the air, but as you can tell, I am not here to spoil it for you in case you haven’t seen it yet. Teen Wolf was another one of those teen shows that ended up on my weekly schedule – it had the tortured hero in a form of a wolf, the funny sarcastic side-kick, the hot dream girl and bunch of bad guys. Despite the teen element, the show has some pretty grown up moments and intriguing mysteries which can be credited to the show’s developer Jeff Davis, the man behind Criminal Minds. Third, USA networks high rated show, Suits was probably my favorite new show last summer and I just can’t wait until it returns. Smart, quick, high class and clever – a well written show with some great characters and expensive suits, what more does a woman want!

Stackhouse siblings portrayed by Anna Paquin and Ryan Kwanten.

Among other returning shows, some have been around for a long time, some just seem to be airing forever. True Blood is back and I am sure it will stir up something amazing for its fifth season which will follow the big events of the last season with some new characters as well. For Alan Ball, this will be his last season as the front man of the show, this sounds like Supernatural and Eric Kripke  situation which didn’t crash and burn so I am not worried. Still, would be interesting to know what Ball has thought of next because giving us Six Feet Under and True Blood is definitely not enough – we need more! Another season for Pretty Little Liars starts, which is funny because they just ended their A-revealing season. Funny but true, the show starts in the summer and ends in the spring with a long hiatus from October to January! No wonder I keep watching it, the four girls never seem to stop being on the screen and I have no problem with that. A very entertaining chick-flick will surely come to an end soon enough but I doubt they will finish it off with this season. Weeds is returning for their eight season, and as tired I am of Nancy’s ways, I will still tune in to see what’s going on with her crazy and unrealistic life.

Sorkin’s The Newsroom’s cast is ready to entertain.

But of course there are new shows coming because that’s just the way it goes. I already did some research, mostly trailers of the shows and I picked couple I liked instead of listing them all because I doubt I will even watch the ones I am not gonna name here. Starting off with a serious show from HBO, The Newsroom, which will be probably a very good drama with some smart writing because the man behind the show is no other than Aaron Sorkin. For those who need some refreshing, this is the guy who wrote The Social Network – so I assume quality is guaranteed. USA Network has already come out with a cop comedy Common Law, I have heard that it is rather good (at least the pilot) and I’d say the trailer gave the same impression. Definitely going to watch it but not very sure where it will lead, two guys with guns taking counseling – that just sounds so safe. Yet again the people behind this happen to be coming from the movie world, this time behind the movie National Treasure.

This pretty much ends my list of shows I am excited about as far as their context goes, there are two new ones that are just a disaster to happen but they happen to draw me in with actors. Baby Daddy is going to air on ABC Family and that network just doesn’t appeal to me at all, but since they are bringing back the guy from Kyle XY, I am giving it a chance. Though it might end up being a very short chance because it doesn’t look good but who knows, Kyle XY was one of my favorites and it was an ABC Family’s original series which they ended mid season 3 with words “I am your brother!” – who does that?? Anyway, back to the topic, second show I want to mention is Saving Hope on NBC. This just screams horrible idea and it just looks like they are trying to copy Grey’s Anatomy’s Denny situation into a whole show with a main character being a man between two worlds. But the fact that Daniel Gillies (Elijah from The Vampire Diaries) is playing there for at least two episodes will make me watch it, if he leaves I will have no other reasons to watch it. Yes, that’s how fan-girling works.

So this is going to be my summer, not to mention the reality show So You Think You Can Dance, if all goes as planned, I am going to make short posts about every episode of my favorite shows but I am not sure how my work will help along to this lovely plan of keeping up with my posts. This is it for me but let me know in the comments what are your plans for summer regarding TV-shows?


# 187 – Summer Break (TV-show special)

Even though the main period of TV-shows has ended for the Summer, there are a lot of other NEW shows that are running and entertaining me in this vast amount of  free time I have. In no particular order I’m gonna list them with a short summary: that being said, I kind of like all these shows for some reason which I’ll try to name as well.

Franklin & Bash – One of two lawyer TV-shows this summer that has a great cast. It’s a dramedy (which is apparently the newest word to my dictionary meaning drama-comedy) about two lawyers who have this unconventional way of winning cases. Breckin Meyer (I recognize him from many teen-movies) and Mark-Paul Gosselaar (who has changed SO much since Saved by the Bell!) are the main-characters. I like the fresh point of view to the law and together with the other law-show I might end up with a lot of knowledge by the time the Summer ends.

The show is created by an Emmy winning Kevin Falls (The West Wing) and has had mixed reviews. Some say it is mediocre, others say that it has the wit and the brains of a great show. I would think that it is clearly a great mission to build up an amazing relationship  since there are so many crime/law fighting duos out there. And to be honest, I am kind of in the fence with this one because the other law-show seems to have a totally different duo with whom I’m in love.

Suits – This would probably be Barney Stinson’s favorite show (just because of the name) and to be fair, I see no reason why it shouldn’t be. Suits is the second law-show on air this Summer and next to Franklin and Bash this one seems to have much more depth. It is a drama series but it seems to have just a little amount of dark- humor (black-humor) in it which makes it more enjoyable. Number one reason why I liked this show even before I saw it was Gabriel Macht. He is one of the main characters, the boss of the guy who’s story-line the show follows – he has had minor and major roles in many of my “watch more than twice” movies and he continues to allure me with his eyes. Patrick J. Adams on the other hand is a fresh name for me but I still find him interesting. He seems to be the guy who never ages (like Elijah Wood) – commonly known as baby-face. His character gets a job with Macht but he has no degree or anything, he simply has a high IQ and he seems to remember everything he reads (oh, I would like to have that skill).

The show is created by Aaron Korsh who has written Everybody Loves Raymond which is a quite good sign. It is interesting to see that both shows have a good rating in IMDb with Franklin & Bash 8,1 and Suits 8,6. So I’m rather right when saying that Suits is a little better but we’ll see how it turns out by the end of the season. Suits has had only 2 episodes, 10 more to go – this Summer seems to good too be true.

Love Bites – who can forget the flaky blond assistant in Ugly Betty? Well, those who have can now watch Becki Newton in her new TV-show Love Bites. The reason I like this show is its variety of characters based on the structure of the show. It is built up around two main characters, one portrayed by Newton the other by Greg Grunberg (from Felicity). They are the ones that are in every story and this show has a lot of them, every episode has two to be exact – every episode tells a different love story evolving new people (this allows the show to have many guest appearances like Michelle Trachtenberg, Matt Long and Jennifer Love Hewitt). The two main characters (and Greg’s wife) are in some way connected to these stories or they are the main story (in some episodes): characters friend, a neighbor or something. Quite refreshing I might say.

The show is created by the very same woman that brought us the legendary Sex and the City (producer and a writer), that amount of experience has to count for something and it’s quite funny that both shows have the same 7.0 rating in IMDb – as good as Sex and the City?

Teen Wolf – I can’t remember if I’ve ever watched an MTV series before (there are a lot of reality things going on there) because I can’t recall them doing anything on this level. Teen Wolf has special effects and lots of make-up going on – plus the writers have come up with a decent plot. Would I say this is my favorite supernatural show, far from it!, but since there is a slot in my time schedule on Tuesdays (it airs on Monday) I might as well watch this. The cast isn’t bad either (the acting is more believable than some of the Pretty Little Liars ladies): Tyler Posey plays the role of the main character aka the teen wolf, who is probably best known for his role in Maid in Manhattan as Ty (he has grown up well). Tyler Hoechlin (who I think I recognize from 7th Heaven) is his mentor and the guy who sometimes takes off his clothes for my entertainment. Dylan O’Brien is the sidekick, the funny friend who seems to be natural for this role and it’s quite a surprise since this is his first big role (only one quite unknown movie listed before Teen Wolf). Another fresh face in this is Crystal Reed who plays the love interest. Naming these characters I pretty much told the whole summary, typical hero story-lines etc.

Big surprise for me is the fact that Jeff Davis is the creator of this show, Jeff Davis the creator of Criminal Minds which is one of my favorite criminal shows out there. Another big surprise is the fact that Teen Wolf has a 6.7 rating on IMDb – Summer must be generous but to be fair, I watch this and I do enjoy myself while watching this.

So You Think You Can Dance – It isn’t new but I wanted to add a little reality to the mix and this is the only reality competition show I can watch during the Summer and I’m loving it. The dancers are really great and I like so many personalities this season that it’s hard to pick my favorite. Besides it’s a great show to find or re-find amazing songs and get goosebumps when Travis Wall does a contemporary piece or when Nappytabs gets down with a lyrical hip-hop. Yeah, I know the names by heart, it is the 8th season you know and I’ve been watching since the third one (I think). All Star season is coming up I think and this probably means that one of my favorites will be returning and to give you a sneak peak at what this show is all about, here is my #1 piece from last season:

So this is it, the list of new shows that I’m watching at the moment where I left out two longer running shows (Drop Dead Diva and Doctor Who) which I’m watching from season 1 to current season therefore I’m saving those two for a bigger post. Until then, enjoy the reviews and the trailers and everything else I’m thinking about posting: this Summer is going to be amazing!

# 177 – Pretty Little Liars

I think by now all my friends and the readers of this blog (if there are any) know that I watch and have watched many TV-shows and sometimes it takes me a while to catch up to some. That being said, I have caught up to one of the teen series that runs on ABC Family – Pretty Little Liars.

This show finished its first season in the beginning of this year but the next season started basically yesterday, I’m watching the first episode of the second season as we speak. I enjoy it because its simple and while having the basic teen drama it also has a criminal content. When a young girl, Allison, in their town goes missing, four friends fall appart, but when the body of the missing girl appears a mysterious A starts to mess with their lives. Who is A? The last question is basically the whoel point of the entire show but unlike the books that it is based, A is not the same as in the literature.

To give you a short overview of the characters and therefore the plot, I’ll try to write a summary about the four girls:

Aria Montgomery – Lucy Hale – The girl who returns to the town and kind of starts the storyline. She and her family left for a reason, her dad was having an affair and that comes out because of A giving as a horrible thought that A knows everything (they keep saying it as well). Aria starts a relationship with the high-school teacher Ezra (she doesn’t know this at first) and they try to keep it a secret for a while. At some point, her friends find out but when the relationship has a falling out at the end of season 2 we are left to wonder if that, what seems to be a nice relationship, can survive. Aria has a brother as well, but he isn’t a key character. Basically, the whole Aria storyline is evolving the teacher and her friendship with the other three girls. In my mind she is the prettiest of the three but her fashion comes off as too eccentric for me, I still like her.

Hanna Marin – Ashley Benson – A former fat girl who has become popular in their high-school is my favorite character. She is the one who always seems to make me smile and she has a great relationship with her mom and her style is so me. Her main story evolves around her mom and their money problems plus her relationship with  Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) after she has broken up with her not-so-much boyfriend. Caleb and Hanna is the main reason actually why I like this show, the way they met and the problems they had and the final episode of the first season kind of made them my favorite couple. A lot of shows are missing that element, my fav couple (One Tree Hill’s Nathan and Haley where the same). I hope they figure things out in the beginning of the second season – they deserve it.

Spencer Hastings – Troian Bellisario – Her character is probably the smartest and she usually is the one who figures  out things about A and other mysteries they come across. Spencer starts a relationship in the end of the first season with Toby, a guy who was a suspect in the murder of Allison. Toby is also the brother of a blind girl who looks creepy and who Allison kind of blinded and there is a lot of blackmail evolved. Toby is also a little strange but he turns out to be adorable and cute, thanks to Spencer. From all the characters I find Spencer to be the most intelligent and the strongest.

Emily Fields – Shay Mitchelle – Is the athlete of the group, a swimmer who also is the gay character of the show. She seems to be the follower, the kind of friend who helps others out and who stays loyal to them. Her father has to move because of their work in the beginning of the second season – she also had some troubles when she came out to her parents. Her character is my least favorite of those four, I don’t know why exactly but I have a feeling that it is because of the acting, looks a little monotone for me.

All in all this is not a very good summary of the plot but there isn’t a lot to tell, there are some situations that are solved in two or three episodes but the main thing is and will remain “Who is A?”. This is the question and the main plot of the whole show which is showing its second season. Why I like this show is that all the characters are so different and they give an opportunity to relate to them in all sorts of ways. Even Hanna’s friend who she kind of forgets when she starts her old relationship with the other three has some characteristics that remind me of my on friendships. All in all,  the pretty little liars will remain in my life for a while (at least as long as the show runs)!