# 125 – Rango

This is the second post about Rango, a movie that comes out on March 4th, 2011 – this gives much more information about the movie and it seems it is like an animated western movie. Johnny Depp really sells it to me but I think it is going to be a rather decent movie. How funny this is going to be, I am not sure because the trailer shows some jokes but it also seems to have depth and some serious story-telling is going on with that. So nothing more to do than just wait a little longer to see this cool lizard on a big screen.

# 33 – Here comes Rango

I am thrilled that Johnny Depp has a new movie coming up and it’s an animation! Not that I’m not waiting for the Pirates again, should be interesting to see what they come up with next, but since Rango had its second trailer (the first one was just a BIG tease) upI had to make this post about that. But no worries, it is written BY the same guys that brought (and are bringing) us Jack Sparrow!

This actually is great, because this shows that Johnny Depp is an amazing guy since a lot of  talented people want to work with him more than once (Tim Burton has cast him so many times in the past and will do so in the future!). And this shows he’s good and he’s likeable and he is so pretty that it hurts. Anyway, Rango – it is coming out in 2011 and I don’t know exactly what its about. But this I know, Rango is a lizard (as you can see on the picture, he wears a shirt) and he some how ends up in the desert and there is this spirit of the west guy or something, who’s voice Timothy Olyphant does. ( I like him too, from way back, when he wore a elf hat! – Go (1999).) I hope it turns out good since I’m kind of bored of those secuals (Shrek, Toy Story, Ice Age) – enough is enough, kids need new characters, escpecially those who’s voice Johnny Depp does! See ya in 2011, Rango/Johnny!