Commercial Break #75

Back again this week with a recap that’s a bit more eventful, finally! But most importantly, I want to thank you all who will and already have! participated in My Movie Alphabet vol 2, it’s going to be a much better month with that blogathon on the background! I will continuously link participants to my blogathon in my Commercial Breaks (got one for today) but there is going to be extra post in June/July. In other words, once I get my shit together, which is not this week and probably not next week either – I’m gradually falling behind with literally everything. And I can’t even blame school work or exams or anything like that, I’m just really bad at time management.

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My Top 5 Favorite Netflix Original Shows

In 2013, Netflix premiered its first original TV series House of Cards, which was just the beginning for this global movie and TV-show provider. In March this year, Netflix released Flaked, its 20th original series not including the animated and kids shows. Though I haven’t seen all of them, I have seen just enough to compile a this top 5 list of my favorite Netflix original shows.

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Top 4 Summer TV Newcomers

When I knew my brain wasn’t going to be able to construct a proper review, I knew it was time to share my Top 4 Summer TV newcomers from this year. As you can see, it’s not a typical post since, for the life of me, I couldn’t make it into a Top 5. But the shows that did make the cut, well, they are special and different and two of them just represent the kind of entertainment one wants during a summer – something light and easy.

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Sense8: Season 1


There is that moment we hunt for as an individual or better yet, as a lover of stories, emotions, characters and ideas, where everything just clicks and you think to yourself this is it! When I started watching Sense8 I had that moment in the very first episode and it was just the beginning. A season of twelve episodes filled with action, love and heroism in many forms focused on eight characters who are all unique and special in their own way. To say I liked the series is an understatement because for me, Sense8 is just the kind of story telling I enjoy and adore.

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Commercial Break #27

27 Max Riemelt RosesImages: 1) Max Riemelt by Gene Glover 2) Red Roses by Society6

This is going to be one of those proper Commercial Breaks reminding you of those commercial breaks on TV that seem to last forever. You could make yourself a sandwich, maybe some coffee, you could probably put a cake in the oven and it would be ready by the time I’m finished… In other words, I would recommend getting comfortable cause like I said, and implied, this one’s going to be a doosie.

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