Top Ten Tuesday: Fandoms From My Past

Ever since I’ve been following Maria over at Big City Bookworm, I’ve been amazed at her skill to participate in multiple tag posts a week. I mean, I can hardly keep track of one (Thursday Movie Picks) let alone two/three per week! Anyway, Maria is awesome, which is one of the points I wanted to make, the other is that ever since I started reading her Top 10 Tuesdays, weekly tag created by The Broke and the Bookish, I’ve wanted to participate but I never really jumped for it… until today! Who knows if I’ll post for Top 10 Tuesday every week but I’ll try my best, especially since I’m clearly not writing any reviews lately.

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Top 5 Reality Competition Shows

top 5 reality competition shows

Some years ago there was an ultimate boom of reality television and what started with Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie has evolved into housewives, toddlers and what I can only describe as stupid people saying stupid things. Still, despite the fact that I stay far away from those Jersey Shore Kardashian Honey Boo-Boos, I do enjoy competitive reality television a lot so here are my top 5 shows I’ve enjoyed in the past or still adore.

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June Favorites

jun fav

As per usual, I haven’t really been consitent with my monthly favorites and since I’ve skipped April and May I have tons of favorites lined up. So this is technically not June favorites, it’s more like, I skipped two months so I better make up for it by listing favorites from April and May as well… enjoy!

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# 207 – SYTYCD (reality-TV special)

For those who aren’t familiar with SYTYCD it stands for So You Think You Can Dance and it’s my first Reality-TV category post and since I do not watch a lot of reality shows this category might be quite light though. I plan to do a Project Runway post after this season ends (and Australia’s version as well) and when The X-Factor USA version turns out to be awesome I’ll even post about that. And maybe I’ll be even writing something about America’s Next Top Model if I have the mood for it. Since American Idol died over these past seasons I do not plan nor accidentally watch that ever again. I wouldn’t expect anything about Jersey Shore and The Real Housewives of various cities  – I do not think they are entertaining nor interesting.

SYTYCD Season 8 Top 20

SYTYCD as the name says is all about the dance and finding out who is America’s favorite dancer. Over 8 seasons this show has given me a lot of inspiration and filled up my iTunes with amazing songs. Besides that, I find the personalities of the dancers refreshing and much more interesting than some of the characters in movies about dancing (like Step Up for instance). Season 8 had a lot of new talent and funny personalities, one of my favorite  since the auditions was Sasha Mallory (the runner-up) – Melanie Moore won and there was no surprise that the top two (for the first time) had two ladies since it was said from the beginning that girls were more talented this season.

Coming up to season 8 there were some seasons where the show lacked personality but after they decided to bring back previous contestants as all-stars and Travis Wall as a choreographer everything seemed to go up hill. This is probably the reason why season 8 had so many guest judges from Christina Applegate to Lady Gaga, from Neil Patrick Harris to Carmen Electra (who was surprisingly good at it). Katie Holmes was the last guest judge and well, she failed (by far the worst of all the guest judges) – so the final panel was a bit disappointing. Other than that the show had some great moments and even though Kat Deeley isn’t loved by all I still like her and think she deserved that Emmy nomination for best host. I’m no expert but looking at the results I would say that the worst choreographer was Tyce Diorio (just that a lot of the dancers were eliminated after they did his routine) and the most successful this season was by far Sonya Tayeh! As for contestants, the winner and the third place Marko Germar were never in bottom 3!

Since the show is mostly visual I’m gonna put up some videos you can watch and even if you’re not a fan of dance I see no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy these – you have nothing to loose. I tried to make a top 5 but I got all nostalgic so I decided to add 8 videos – because it seems just right and appropriate for season number 8.

• 8 – Best broadway this season was Spencer Lift’s piece for Melanie and Tadd Gadduang, B-boy who got the forth place.

• 7 – Nappytabs weren’t the best this season but they still did a lyrical hip-hop piece for Melanie and Marko that was memorable.

• 6 – Sasha gets together with all-star Mark Kanemura and choreographer Sonya Tayeh and magic happens.

• 5 – Marko had amazing moments with Melanie but I also liked him in Sonya’s piece with Caitlynn Lawson.

• 4 – Melanie and Sasha dance to another Sonya’s piece that I loved – that woman was on fire this season!

• 3 – Melanie and all-star Neil Haskell take on Mandy Moore’s (not related) contemporary and fly!

• 2 – By far my favorite pairing and dance: Sasha and all-star Twitch dance to Christopher Scott’s hip-hop routine.

• 1 – Melanie’s top 6 solo after which I think everybody knew she’d be the winner. A nice end to a very different kind of post – hope you liked it.

# 187 – Summer Break (TV-show special)

Even though the main period of TV-shows has ended for the Summer, there are a lot of other NEW shows that are running and entertaining me in this vast amount of  free time I have. In no particular order I’m gonna list them with a short summary: that being said, I kind of like all these shows for some reason which I’ll try to name as well.

Franklin & Bash – One of two lawyer TV-shows this summer that has a great cast. It’s a dramedy (which is apparently the newest word to my dictionary meaning drama-comedy) about two lawyers who have this unconventional way of winning cases. Breckin Meyer (I recognize him from many teen-movies) and Mark-Paul Gosselaar (who has changed SO much since Saved by the Bell!) are the main-characters. I like the fresh point of view to the law and together with the other law-show I might end up with a lot of knowledge by the time the Summer ends.

The show is created by an Emmy winning Kevin Falls (The West Wing) and has had mixed reviews. Some say it is mediocre, others say that it has the wit and the brains of a great show. I would think that it is clearly a great mission to build up an amazing relationship  since there are so many crime/law fighting duos out there. And to be honest, I am kind of in the fence with this one because the other law-show seems to have a totally different duo with whom I’m in love.

Suits – This would probably be Barney Stinson’s favorite show (just because of the name) and to be fair, I see no reason why it shouldn’t be. Suits is the second law-show on air this Summer and next to Franklin and Bash this one seems to have much more depth. It is a drama series but it seems to have just a little amount of dark- humor (black-humor) in it which makes it more enjoyable. Number one reason why I liked this show even before I saw it was Gabriel Macht. He is one of the main characters, the boss of the guy who’s story-line the show follows – he has had minor and major roles in many of my “watch more than twice” movies and he continues to allure me with his eyes. Patrick J. Adams on the other hand is a fresh name for me but I still find him interesting. He seems to be the guy who never ages (like Elijah Wood) – commonly known as baby-face. His character gets a job with Macht but he has no degree or anything, he simply has a high IQ and he seems to remember everything he reads (oh, I would like to have that skill).

The show is created by Aaron Korsh who has written Everybody Loves Raymond which is a quite good sign. It is interesting to see that both shows have a good rating in IMDb with Franklin & Bash 8,1 and Suits 8,6. So I’m rather right when saying that Suits is a little better but we’ll see how it turns out by the end of the season. Suits has had only 2 episodes, 10 more to go – this Summer seems to good too be true.

Love Bites – who can forget the flaky blond assistant in Ugly Betty? Well, those who have can now watch Becki Newton in her new TV-show Love Bites. The reason I like this show is its variety of characters based on the structure of the show. It is built up around two main characters, one portrayed by Newton the other by Greg Grunberg (from Felicity). They are the ones that are in every story and this show has a lot of them, every episode has two to be exact – every episode tells a different love story evolving new people (this allows the show to have many guest appearances like Michelle Trachtenberg, Matt Long and Jennifer Love Hewitt). The two main characters (and Greg’s wife) are in some way connected to these stories or they are the main story (in some episodes): characters friend, a neighbor or something. Quite refreshing I might say.

The show is created by the very same woman that brought us the legendary Sex and the City (producer and a writer), that amount of experience has to count for something and it’s quite funny that both shows have the same 7.0 rating in IMDb – as good as Sex and the City?

Teen Wolf – I can’t remember if I’ve ever watched an MTV series before (there are a lot of reality things going on there) because I can’t recall them doing anything on this level. Teen Wolf has special effects and lots of make-up going on – plus the writers have come up with a decent plot. Would I say this is my favorite supernatural show, far from it!, but since there is a slot in my time schedule on Tuesdays (it airs on Monday) I might as well watch this. The cast isn’t bad either (the acting is more believable than some of the Pretty Little Liars ladies): Tyler Posey plays the role of the main character aka the teen wolf, who is probably best known for his role in Maid in Manhattan as Ty (he has grown up well). Tyler Hoechlin (who I think I recognize from 7th Heaven) is his mentor and the guy who sometimes takes off his clothes for my entertainment. Dylan O’Brien is the sidekick, the funny friend who seems to be natural for this role and it’s quite a surprise since this is his first big role (only one quite unknown movie listed before Teen Wolf). Another fresh face in this is Crystal Reed who plays the love interest. Naming these characters I pretty much told the whole summary, typical hero story-lines etc.

Big surprise for me is the fact that Jeff Davis is the creator of this show, Jeff Davis the creator of Criminal Minds which is one of my favorite criminal shows out there. Another big surprise is the fact that Teen Wolf has a 6.7 rating on IMDb – Summer must be generous but to be fair, I watch this and I do enjoy myself while watching this.

So You Think You Can Dance – It isn’t new but I wanted to add a little reality to the mix and this is the only reality competition show I can watch during the Summer and I’m loving it. The dancers are really great and I like so many personalities this season that it’s hard to pick my favorite. Besides it’s a great show to find or re-find amazing songs and get goosebumps when Travis Wall does a contemporary piece or when Nappytabs gets down with a lyrical hip-hop. Yeah, I know the names by heart, it is the 8th season you know and I’ve been watching since the third one (I think). All Star season is coming up I think and this probably means that one of my favorites will be returning and to give you a sneak peak at what this show is all about, here is my #1 piece from last season:

So this is it, the list of new shows that I’m watching at the moment where I left out two longer running shows (Drop Dead Diva and Doctor Who) which I’m watching from season 1 to current season therefore I’m saving those two for a bigger post. Until then, enjoy the reviews and the trailers and everything else I’m thinking about posting: this Summer is going to be amazing!