An Essay: Year 2016 Told Through Movies

year-2016We start off the year with an Oscar race that has our hearts beating erratically because this might be Leonardo DiCaprio’s year, and it was. He won, he got that Oscar, he held that Oscar, he took that Oscar with him to show off to his supermodels and polish on his yacht while the sun cast golden streaks of light onto Leo’s face. But as soon as the blockbuster movies started to roll in, as soon as the superheros began to gather, Leo was slowly forgotten.

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Suicide Squad (2016)

suicide squadWhen a bad movie is mixed with expectations, then the only result can be a huge amount of disappointment. Which in reality, is actually worse than just a bad movie, because it crushes the hopes and dreams that had been created for a possible future including that could-have-been-great-movie. Suicide Squad is that movie.

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Commercial Break #48

comic-con-2016-ticket-badge-info-picSo many news from Comic Con happened last week that I’m not sure were to start. And since I was at work, I of course missed most of these news and got to catch up today.

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