Thursday Movie Picks Television Edition: Workplace

There is a very big reason why I’m not mentioning one of my all time favourite workplace related comedy show in this list, and it’s because the last theme for this year is much more suited for it. But when I started to think of other shows related to workplaces, I realised I have three picks that are also very much related to each other. Oh and apparently I have a thing for law firms.

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TOP 10 SPECIAL: Year 2012 highlights – part 2


Let’s continue on with the lists that will take this blog into the new year like a proper blog should be taken to 2013. And in case you were wondering, yes, I put a lot of effort into these lists but I assume this would be just bragging at this point. But you know what, I love to brag, yes, hours and hours were put into these, mostly during Christmas, and I loved every minute of it.

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Suits 2×01

Needless to say, Suits was my favorite newcomer last summer and it quickly became my favorite show in general. There are probably a lot of reasons, starting with Gabriel Macht, Patrick J. Adams, the esthetics of the show, the clever writing, the word-plays, the boss/employee relationship and by the end, the fact that Suits  is far from boring! I watched the first season about two times and just to be sure, the third time as well. You can’t really do that with shows that are one dimensional and Suits is the kind of series that has so much hidden in itself that every time you watch it, you notice new things.

Waiting for season 2 was not difficult but I am a girl who watches over 30 shows during the fall and spring schedule, so I doubt I will ever wait for something. But as the weeks started counting down to nothing and the day kept getting closer, I felt the excitement! I wasn’t sure what I was looking forward the most, the chemistry between Macht and Adams or the show’s thrilling story lines, but there is no doubt what so ever about te fact that Suits 2×01 delivered everything I could have ever hoped for.

Yes, this is going to be like a short praise for Suits and I’m not even sorry. As my summer tends to be quite uneventful I think I will recap all the episodes but this means you are in for some spoilers from now on. You have been warned and I would also like to say that if you haven’t watched the show, give it a try, so far, everybody who have gotten the recommendation, have liked/loved it.

Last season ended with a big story twist, Mike’s ex-friend walked up to Jessica Pearson and said he had something to tell her, as well as messing things up with Rachel. So, basically, this friend kicked off the two main story lines for season 2 and one of them was on fire in the first episode. The whole 46 minutes had its ups and downs, all hovering over Mike’s status in the firm, one minute we think Harvey is going to fire him, then he is protecting him. True bromance! I am probably gonna use that word a lot to describe Harvey and Mike, but there is no better word to say about those two. They are both nerds who quote movies, annoyingly but awesomely smart and they trust each other. Harvey who put his career on the line for Mike in season 1, is still defending him, even when Jessica finds out that Mike faked his Harvard degree. Obviously Harvey tries to bargain with her after she asks him to fire Mike and he simply can’t do it.

This is all made possible because of the plot twist, there is a new bad guy, Daniel Hardman, in town and he has a grudge! Mainly towards Jessica and Harvey because they were the ones that faced him out of the company when his shady deals and affair surfaced but was kept as a secret for the firm’s benefit. I read that there was an alternative version of the pilot which never ran in US but did in all the other countries that have Suits on TV, which means to some, Hardman is a familiar name but I, as I watched the US version, have never seen him. Based on this episode, I would say he is trouble and he has an ironic name.

Still, despite this new guy who Harvey uses as leverage against Jessica, the first plan to keep Mike in the firm falls on its knees and this means that Harvey has to threaten Jessica that when Mike leaves, he will leave. True bromance moment (as I said, I am going to say this a lot) and what a thrilling scene between these very powerful people. I find it funny or better yet, ironically amusing, that Jessica and Harvey get along well, because they do blackmail each other a lot it seems. But I guess they admire that quality in each other, the need to protect your own and do what ever it takes to do so. For me personally, I am not very sure how this is realistic, in a real world I assume this would never happen but for the purpose of the show this dynamic works extremely well.

Therefore, although the first episode was focused entirely on Mike’s future as a lawyer, there was a couple of moments in the episode when we saw some additional stories evolve. Rachel and Mike, and their seemingly strong sexual tension was cooled down by Rachel, due to the missed call she left but Mike never got. Although, of course, she didn’t know about it and was mad at him. I like how she is basically the only character who doesn’t know about Mike’s big lie. Donna, the adorable and totally fierce Harvey’s assistant knows and she, like her boss, is fond of him but she also gets along with Rachel. So I am interested in finding out if the most clueless person in Mike’s life would catch on any time soon and if she does, there is bound do be some “You lied to me!” stuff thrown at Mike’s face. Until then, Rachel has no idea and everybody else seems to be fine with it.

The first episode ended with Jessica and Mike having an one on one conversation, basically the moment Mike had with Harvey in the pilot episode where he proved himself to be worthy of the job. We probably won’t see any of that actually happen but there might be some clever and ironic, as well as sarcastic remarks about it in the future. So I am pretty excited already because the season will definitely be exhilarating as the whole series has now like the arch-enemy thing going on and the entire season will probably revolve around this mess they are all in, hopefully with some exciting law cases and some romantic stuff will not be absent. All in all, first episode was amazing and witty, just what I expect from the entire season!

Of course this isn’t the best way to discuss an episode but I had some time and I needed to rant about something I love, and despite all things, I love Suits and this feeling will not go away any time soon!

Image from Suits’ Facebook page.

Summer Show Reminder

There is no sadder moment than the end of spring when all your favorite shows are finishing off a season. Some with a swizzle, some with a bang in order to keep you waiting eagerly until the next season. On the other hand, some shows will never make it past the first season, some long runners will never return where the last are the ones that some will miss the most. Pretty crucial cuts have to be made in order to make room for the new shows for next year and I am very aware of that situation. But although I am very invested in the what’s new and what’s cancelled part of the TV world, in this post I am focusing on my summer entertainment. No worries though, I have planned many posts regarding the news about shows I watch which covers a large amount of airtime.

Some of the cast of MTV’s Teen Wolf.

This summer I am very excited because there are three shows returning for the second season! For those of you who remember, MTV came out with two new shows last summer and both of them actually turned out to be good! Awkward. is a show about a teenager, which seems like it all has been done before, but it does have some clever writing and gives me the Juno vibe in a very positive way. First season ended with an interesting choice and not to mention the big question of the author of the letter hanging in the air, but as you can tell, I am not here to spoil it for you in case you haven’t seen it yet. Teen Wolf was another one of those teen shows that ended up on my weekly schedule – it had the tortured hero in a form of a wolf, the funny sarcastic side-kick, the hot dream girl and bunch of bad guys. Despite the teen element, the show has some pretty grown up moments and intriguing mysteries which can be credited to the show’s developer Jeff Davis, the man behind Criminal Minds. Third, USA networks high rated show, Suits was probably my favorite new show last summer and I just can’t wait until it returns. Smart, quick, high class and clever – a well written show with some great characters and expensive suits, what more does a woman want!

Stackhouse siblings portrayed by Anna Paquin and Ryan Kwanten.

Among other returning shows, some have been around for a long time, some just seem to be airing forever. True Blood is back and I am sure it will stir up something amazing for its fifth season which will follow the big events of the last season with some new characters as well. For Alan Ball, this will be his last season as the front man of the show, this sounds like Supernatural and Eric Kripke  situation which didn’t crash and burn so I am not worried. Still, would be interesting to know what Ball has thought of next because giving us Six Feet Under and True Blood is definitely not enough – we need more! Another season for Pretty Little Liars starts, which is funny because they just ended their A-revealing season. Funny but true, the show starts in the summer and ends in the spring with a long hiatus from October to January! No wonder I keep watching it, the four girls never seem to stop being on the screen and I have no problem with that. A very entertaining chick-flick will surely come to an end soon enough but I doubt they will finish it off with this season. Weeds is returning for their eight season, and as tired I am of Nancy’s ways, I will still tune in to see what’s going on with her crazy and unrealistic life.

Sorkin’s The Newsroom’s cast is ready to entertain.

But of course there are new shows coming because that’s just the way it goes. I already did some research, mostly trailers of the shows and I picked couple I liked instead of listing them all because I doubt I will even watch the ones I am not gonna name here. Starting off with a serious show from HBO, The Newsroom, which will be probably a very good drama with some smart writing because the man behind the show is no other than Aaron Sorkin. For those who need some refreshing, this is the guy who wrote The Social Network – so I assume quality is guaranteed. USA Network has already come out with a cop comedy Common Law, I have heard that it is rather good (at least the pilot) and I’d say the trailer gave the same impression. Definitely going to watch it but not very sure where it will lead, two guys with guns taking counseling – that just sounds so safe. Yet again the people behind this happen to be coming from the movie world, this time behind the movie National Treasure.

This pretty much ends my list of shows I am excited about as far as their context goes, there are two new ones that are just a disaster to happen but they happen to draw me in with actors. Baby Daddy is going to air on ABC Family and that network just doesn’t appeal to me at all, but since they are bringing back the guy from Kyle XY, I am giving it a chance. Though it might end up being a very short chance because it doesn’t look good but who knows, Kyle XY was one of my favorites and it was an ABC Family’s original series which they ended mid season 3 with words “I am your brother!” – who does that?? Anyway, back to the topic, second show I want to mention is Saving Hope on NBC. This just screams horrible idea and it just looks like they are trying to copy Grey’s Anatomy’s Denny situation into a whole show with a main character being a man between two worlds. But the fact that Daniel Gillies (Elijah from The Vampire Diaries) is playing there for at least two episodes will make me watch it, if he leaves I will have no other reasons to watch it. Yes, that’s how fan-girling works.

So this is going to be my summer, not to mention the reality show So You Think You Can Dance, if all goes as planned, I am going to make short posts about every episode of my favorite shows but I am not sure how my work will help along to this lovely plan of keeping up with my posts. This is it for me but let me know in the comments what are your plans for summer regarding TV-shows?


# 214 – Suits (TV-show special)

Best show ever! This might be hard to believe cause there have been countless amount of TV-shows but I really think this one is by far the best in a very long time. Not only the best show this summer, not only the best new-comer but frankly a very great show in the midst of other shows that have aired and are still airing.

Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter

Suits started this Summer and had 12 episodes on USA network – it returns next Summer with 16 episodes and it will be a very long wait for those who have already seen the shows final cause it left a very awesome cliff-hanger (it’s a complete torture but still awesome). Aaron Korsh is the creator behind Suits (also a writer and the producer), he has a lot of experience with writing for sitcoms, something what he uses very brilliantly in Suits. A rater dramatic show has this comedic shadow that makes it more enjoyable. It shares a 35-38th place on IMDb’s best TV-shows list: with Game of Thrones they are the newest shows in that list. (Haven’t seen Game of Thrones yet, cause I was planning to read the books first, we’ll see.)

Patrick J. Adams as Mike Ross

The main characters are Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) who is New York’s best closer who needs to hire a new lawyer who happens to be Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) – a lawyer who has actually never graduated from law school. With other main characters such as Harvey’s assistant Donna (Sarah Lafferty), a paralegal Rachel (Meghan Markle), junior partner Lewis (Rick Hoffman) and the boss Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres) a very professional cast is formed. Adding to the mix the perfect atmosphere in and outside the office (the show was filmed in Toronto, Canada) and the sharp clothes (mostly suits as you might of figured) Suits becomes a beautiful show. Visually and writing wise it is a clean cut, sharp and elegant show that has great story-lines, nice twists and turns plus a very interesting relationship between Harvey and Mike. Like I already said the ending of the first season was such a thrilling cliff-hanger that an applause is probably the only thing I can do at the moment. Actually I will applaud for the entire season – well done Suits, well done!