Intro: The Giant Mechanical Man

Alright, I’m cheating, I’m totally cheating because this isn’t really the intro but more like the opening scene but since I haven’t revisited this series in almost a year, I wanted to bring it back with something different! Though I did consider renaming it but that would just confuse things and well, there needs to be a system and an opening scene sort of constitutes as an intro as well. Either way, this is my blog and this is how I chose to show this meaningful yet completely simple scene, the opening scene to The Giant Mechanical Man.

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The Giant Mechanical Man (2012)

The Giant Mechanical Man

Every now and then I get this very successful streak of movie experiences that is such a pleasure in itself that it makes those specific movies stand out even more. Just recently I watched/reviewed Laggies, then enjoyed/reviewed the hell out of Save the Date and now I’m back at it with another indie flick to prove my point – you don’t have to have it all figured out!

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