Thursday Movie Picks: Just Not Funny Comedies

First thought that came to mind with this week’s theme was “huh?!” In other words, I’m a bit flustered at the moment and not really getting the meaning behind the theme. Is it to list comedies that I think are not funny? Well, that would include almost every comedy there is, since I’m very picky about comedies. But I’d rather take it to another direction, the drama-comedy angle. In other words, here are three drama-comedies, that are just not ONLY funny but also full of wisdom!

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Thursday Movie Picks: Teen Angst

This month is focusing around school and college, and teen angst is well connected to both those topics. But since angst itself is a something that can happen outside education, I’ve selected movies that have more to do with teenagers and less to do with school.

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Movie That I … (2013 in retrospect)


It comes with the territory of running a movie blog that one has to do a retrospective list (or two) about movies they loved and/or hated in the soon to be ending year. Well, though I’m super bad at making ranked lists (it’s impossible for me), I still felt the obligation of sharing my favorites and less favorites from 2013 – a year where I managed to watch a little over 100 movies!

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The Kings of Summer (2013)

The Kings of Summer

For some reason I’m having trouble finding words to describe The Kings of Summer – this would mark my fourth attempt to start this review and it seems I’m not doing a good job with it. The irony of this situation is the fact that the movie was really good, I pretty much loved it to a point of perfection (I gave it 4,5 stars on Letterboxd) but now, even after two cups of coffee, I’ve lost part of my ability to express my love for this feelgood movie about boys becoming men.

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