Thursday Movie Picks: Remakes/Sequels/Reboots (of a movie that hasn’t got one) You Want to See

That is hell of a title for this week’s Thursday Movie Picks and to be completely honest, I’m leaving this to the last minute possible. I literally have an hour (in my time zone) to get this up on the blog so you should be certain that these three movies are the first ones to pop into my head in regards to this week’s theme. By the way, all of them are in my all time sequel wishlist movies, which is a list I didn’t know I had but apparently I do, so here it is.

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Thursday Movie Picks: My Comfort Movies

Now, with this week’s topic I was a bit conflicted with myself, because comfort can be a very wide term. I could go with the cliché route and pick all romantic comedies because those comfort me when I’m blue. But then there are movies I feel so comfortable with that they also comfort me, and those range from crime to documentaries. So I thought, mix it up, and here are four different genre-based recommendations that comfort me.

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The September Issue (2009)

the september issueFashion documentaries, for some odd reason, are my kind of jam, and The September Issue (2009), so far, is probably my favorite of the bunch! Probably because, as Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington take us through the process of bringing out the Vogue September 2007 issue, the documentary itself is a more in depth view of people in the fashion than the fashion itself.

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