Thursday Movie Picks 2017: From January to December

Well well well, I fucking did it! I’m sorry for cursing but I’m so damn proud of myself that I kept at it for an entire year! I decided to participate in Thursday Movie Picks in 2016 but I picked it up at the end of August so that year technically didn’t count. This year though, I was successful (with one minor mishap of publishing on a Friday instead), and I figured, before I publish my last Thursday Movie Picks of 2017 tomorrow, that I’ll create a list of all my picks from this year. Oh and yes, I will continue picking movies every Thursday in 2018 as well!

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Thursday Movie Picks Halloween/Television Edition: Horror

Finally, the moment where I can breathe during October because I know what to recommend without thinking that hard about it. And even though these picks aren’t really surprising, they all have had a really strong season or a few under their belt. Plus some very terrifying moments.

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Thursday Movie Picks Halloween Edition: Body Horror

Last hurdle before I can finally breathe with relief because I don’t have to rack my brain to come up with recommendations for horror edition! Next week is Television Edition time and for that, I have my delicious picks all lined up, so this is in some ways, the finishing line for me (hopefully not towards a horrific end).  Anyway, here are my 3 recommendations, one of which is my absolute fave and I just had to mention it!

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Thursday Movie Picks Halloween Edition: Dolls

Another week in the Halloween Edition theme and I’m again stumped for my picks. It’s not surprising though, I knew already in the beginning of the year, when I saw the October theme, that I was going to struggle a bit. So here I am, a week later, struggling to recommend movies with creepy dolls.

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Thursday Movie Picks Halloween Edition: Masks

Well.. this is going to be a hell of a month for me when it comes to Thursday Movie Picks because I will be outside my comfort zone the entire time. In other words, I’m not that good with horror related movies, and when I say not that good, I mean I suck at watching them. So there’s no surprise there when I say that I’ve seen only a few, which makes this month a very tight squeeze, and this week’s theme of “masks” is not the best fit either.

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