Thursday Movie Picks: Story Within a Story

At first, I was like “oh no”, because it seemed like such a tricky topic but once I realised what my first pick was, it all made sense. All my picks have a sort of fantasy element to it, one of them is very close to the reality, but if you think about it, it’s still rather unbelievable. Long story short, here are my recommendations for a story within a story.

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Thursday Movie Picks Television Edition: Book to Movie Adaptations

First Television Edition of the year and I’m so excited! It was a bit difficult to pick four because I also wanted to have the knowledge of at least one or more books under my belt! Luckily I have read exactly enough to share four teen shows, because I’m feeling very youthful at the moment. So here are my picks, guilty pleasures and all, and let me know which ones have you seen yourself!

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Thursday Movie Picks 2017: From January to December

Well well well, I fucking did it! I’m sorry for cursing but I’m so damn proud of myself that I kept at it for an entire year! I decided to participate in Thursday Movie Picks in 2016 but I picked it up at the end of August so that year technically didn’t count. This year though, I was successful (with one minor mishap of publishing on a Friday instead), and I figured, before I publish my last Thursday Movie Picks of 2017 tomorrow, that I’ll create a list of all my picks from this year. Oh and yes, I will continue picking movies every Thursday in 2018 as well!

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Thursday Movie Picks Television Edition: Workplace

There is a very big reason why I’m not mentioning one of my all time favourite workplace related comedy show in this list, and it’s because the last theme for this year is much more suited for it. But when I started to think of other shows related to workplaces, I realised I have three picks that are also very much related to each other. Oh and apparently I have a thing for law firms.

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Thursday Movie Picks Halloween/Television Edition: Horror

Finally, the moment where I can breathe during October because I know what to recommend without thinking that hard about it. And even though these picks aren’t really surprising, they all have had a really strong season or a few under their belt. Plus some very terrifying moments.

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