Thursday Movie Picks: Character Name In the Title

Behold, the first of many Thursday Movie Picks of 2018, and of course I’m starting the new year with a new banner! But more importantly, I’m starting the new year with new energy and lots of motivation, which is why in January I’ll be recommending 4 movies for each theme instead of 3. If you would like to participate in this lovely series, head over to Wandering Through the Shelves and join in on the fun! PS: I recommended two topics for this year, and both made the cut so I’m even more excited!

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Thursday Movie Picks Television Edition: Friendship

This is the final hurdle before 2018 rolls in and I start this Thursday Movie Picking all over again. Not gonna lie, I’m already excited for next year because there are some amazing themes coming up and my mind is already racing to figure out the recommendations. If you would like to participate in 2018, head over to Wandering Through the Shelves and check out the preliminary schedule for next year. That being said, take a look at my last Television Picks of the year all about that precious friendship.

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Thursday Movie Picks 2017: From January to December

Well well well, I fucking did it! I’m sorry for cursing but I’m so damn proud of myself that I kept at it for an entire year! I decided to participate in Thursday Movie Picks in 2016 but I picked it up at the end of August so that year technically didn’t count. This year though, I was successful (with one minor mishap of publishing on a Friday instead), and I figured, before I publish my last Thursday Movie Picks of 2017 tomorrow, that I’ll create a list of all my picks from this year. Oh and yes, I will continue picking movies every Thursday in 2018 as well!

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Thursday Movie Picks: 2018 Movies You’re Looking Forward To

The end is near with 2017 Thursday Movie Picks but have no fear, I will continue on in 2018 – there’s no doubt in that! There’s still one post left in the Television Edition next week, but this post marks the end for movie picks, so I thought I’d pick five instead of three to make it extra special. By the way, I’ve left out ALL the superhero movies because frankly, there are so many and I already know I’m going to watch them so, what’s the point in sharing them.

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Thursday Movie Picks: Small Towns

This year I have tried to do a few theme within a theme posts and this week I’m doing the same, I’m picking movies with small towns during, surprise surprise, winter! It’s that time of the year, and it’s snowing all around the world – I’ve seen various instagram photos of this wonderful white fuzz. So it seemed only fitting that I’d share my three wonderful snow-filled picks.

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