Santa Clarita Diet (Season 1)

It has been ages since I was thrilled about a TV show and dedicated a full post to it and now I have two I want to talk about – The OA and Santa Clarita Diet. Both are Netflix shows, I saw both ages ago, both have just 10 episodes in their first season and both are weird and quirky in their own special way. One has more unknown names and the other has bigger stars but both have teenage characters who are likeable and precious on their own right. But before I get to the very long and complicated journey of trying to understand The OA, here is my spoiler free take on Santa Clarita Diet.

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Commercial Break #67

cb67This week is going to be a lot better than the last one. Why? Because I got to go to the film quiz thingie today (we were dumb and all the questions I got right were about movies from the 21st century), I only have to work two days this week, I’m getting a new tattoo on Saturday AND I have the joy of getting a year older to “enjoy” on Sunday. Granted, the birthday part isn’t as good because once you get past a certain point in your adult life, you start to resent your birthday a little. I’m past that point. So I don’t even have plans for Sunday, which I guess is a little sad but I’m just going to wake up and see what the day will bring!

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# 169 – I Am Number Four

Over these past few weeks I have been mostly studying or at least trying to do so and I haven’t watched many movies but since I was kind of looking forward to I Am Number Four I decided to waste my time on it. Waste being not the right word because I actually enjoyed it as much as I am able to enjoy an action movie these days.

The story itself is of course some sort of an alien thing which luckily the main character is very familiar with – it would’ve been unnecessary to make him unaware of his own powers. But he knew what/who he was: this all powerful thing but he wasn’t quite sure how much power he had or something. Actually, the only thing I remember of this movie at this point is Alex Pettyfer looking hot. I’m sorry for being a shallow woman and all but I like him and I like Timothy Olyphant also. The women (played by Dianna Agron and Teresa Palmer) in this movie were both blond, a slight disappointment – why not cast at least one brunette!?

I Am Number Four evolved into an action packed movie mostly in the middle, the final battle was rather okay and of course there was a trusty nerd side-kick who had a good line in the end “I play a lot of X-box” – makes sense! The bad human boy became good in the end and there were a lot of other clichés that came across the screen and this usually isn’t something that deserves my high scores – but how original can an action movie be, right?

All in all, hot guy running and fighting around, chasing after an innocent blond love-of-his-life (literally) and saving the “world” and then going into the “sunset” to fight with the rest of the bad aliens. Sounds a bit silly, sounds like 3 stars out of 5 and sounds like I don’t remember much about it except the man meat ( no offense, Alex) looking good. Oh the British, how I adore you!

PS: The gecko/dog was so predictable to be some sort of a friend who will help out along side with the hot piece of alien.

# 121 – I Am Number Four

On February 18th, 2011 (this date doesn’t actually apply to Estonia but I’m used to putting down the USA opening dates anyway, so why not use that in my blog) comes a sci-fi action movie from the director who did Eagle Eye and Disturbia. I remember quite liking both of those but I am much more excited about this one, I Am Number Four. I don’t know what has happened to me lately but I’ve started to enjoy sci-fi more and more. Maybe the real world isn’t making any sense in movies nowadays and sci-fi makes sense because it is not supposed to make sense – you know!? But what ever it is, I want to watch this movie and I can’t wait until it comes to theaters.

Alex Pettyfer (his other movie comes a month after this one – Beastly) plays the lead, Timothy Olyphant is probably the trusty sidekick, Glee’s Dianna Agron is pushing her self on to the big screen as Alex’s (Number Four) love interest and that chick from Sorcerers Apprentice (woah, I actually wrote it right the first time) Teresa Palmer is the helpful (or is she?) Number Six. So two hot guys (doesn’t Alex look much older than just 20?) and two hot (maybe) blonds and you got yourself an action movie that just might be exciting. I mean, it is written by guys who have done Smallville for like forever now – I mean, they got to have some experience in writing – so fingers crossed.