Thursday Movie Picks: Story Within a Story

At first, I was like “oh no”, because it seemed like such a tricky topic but once I realised what my first pick was, it all made sense. All my picks have a sort of fantasy element to it, one of them is very close to the reality, but if you think about it, it’s still rather unbelievable. Long story short, here are my recommendations for a story within a story.

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Thursday Movie Picks Television Edition: Book to Movie Adaptations

First Television Edition of the year and I’m so excited! It was a bit difficult to pick four because I also wanted to have the knowledge of at least one or more books under my belt! Luckily I have read exactly enough to share four teen shows, because I’m feeling very youthful at the moment. So here are my picks, guilty pleasures and all, and let me know which ones have you seen yourself!

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Thursday Movie Picks Television Edition: Friendship

This is the final hurdle before 2018 rolls in and I start this Thursday Movie Picking all over again. Not gonna lie, I’m already excited for next year because there are some amazing themes coming up and my mind is already racing to figure out the recommendations. If you would like to participate in 2018, head over to Wandering Through the Shelves and check out the preliminary schedule for next year. That being said, take a look at my last Television Picks of the year all about that precious friendship.

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Thursday Movie Picks Television Edition: Family

Yaaas, it’s that time of the month again! And by that, I don’t mean me, I mean the Thursday Movie Picks and its Television Edition! I love this feature and this week’s theme had so many juicy options for me that I literally CROSSED out shows in order to compile this list. That’s right, I didn’t even struggle to get this list together, I just kept listing shows and then picked the four that really deliver the whole family vibe. The selection also includes all shows that have been off the air for some time now, and I miss them deeply.

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Thursday Movie Picks Television Edition: High School

This is probably my favourite theme among this year’s television picks because I have so many shows to choose from! I’m literally wondering how many I can fit into this category and I guess the number could be huge – but I’m keeping a few for other themes because girl plans ahead! Therefore, this list has only five picks for this week but I swear, there’s something for everyone here with the theme being so god damn juicy! PS: Happy new school year to all the students and teachers out there, stay strong and educate on!

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