Thursday Movie Picks: The Underdog

Yesterday, when I literally spent all day at work, I was wondering what movies should I recommend for this week’s theme and I came up with a very specific angle – sports movies! I love sports movies! I love almost all of them to some degree and most of them do have that element of being an underdog as well. So simple as that, here are four movies I’d recommend to anyone who’s even just a little curious about sports movies.

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Thursday Movie Picks: Ancient World (3600 BC – 500 AD)

This week has one of those themes were I’m just.. what… because I don’t really know any movies from that time period.. I think. And when I have to Google for help, I feel like I’m cheating a bit. But what else can I do when I’m so flustered that I can’t even name a single movie to recommend off the top of my head. So I obviously cheated and turns out I’ve seen exactly three movies inside this theme and one of them barely fits in between the given time periods.

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Thursday Movie Picks: Remakes/Sequels/Reboots (of a movie that hasn’t got one) You Want to See

That is hell of a title for this week’s Thursday Movie Picks and to be completely honest, I’m leaving this to the last minute possible. I literally have an hour (in my time zone) to get this up on the blog so you should be certain that these three movies are the first ones to pop into my head in regards to this week’s theme. By the way, all of them are in my all time sequel wishlist movies, which is a list I didn’t know I had but apparently I do, so here it is.

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Thursday Movie Picks: On the Run

There are many movies with the theme of running away.. either running away from the bad guys or the good guys. There are many movies that come to mind but I have three that I want to mention because those were the first that came to mind. Plus one that I’ve already mentioned and will mention again, as a bonus.

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Thursday Movie Picks Television Edition: Superheroes/Super Powers

Here we go again, my favourite week of Thursday Movie Picks, the Television Edition week which gives me an opportunity to put to use my extensive knowledge of TV shows. This week’s theme though is a difficult one, because again, there is always the chance to list all well known shows *cough* Marvel *cough* but where’s the fun in doing that!? Here are four less known television shows that feature various characters with awesome super powers.

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