My Top 50 Favorite Movies (part 2)


This post is the follow-up to the most difficult post that I’ve ever put together and to be honest, the second half was even more horrible! I love all of these movies, some a bit more, but it’s still love!

Here it is guys,  My Top 50 Favorite Movies part 2 (25-1)the cremé de la cremé of movies that are special to me AND this is my 500th post on this blog! That pretty much says everything I have to say, but I want to add that: thank you all for reading because that keeps me writing!

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My Top 50 Favorite Movies (part 1)


This post is almost like an introduction to the actual 500th post which will be the second and final part of this Top 50 scheduled for next Wednesday.

Before you continue looking at this post, remember, THIS WAS THE MOST DIFFICULT THING I’VE EVER DONE! Seriously! Lists and actually prioritizing things into an order is literally painful for me and therefore this list might not be 100% accurate! It was some what based on multiple facts, mostly the factor of re-watching and the point that I mostly went with newer movies. I’ve re-watched most of the movies in this list, some multiple times, and I love them.

Now, enjoy this part 1 of my Top 50 favorite movies as it was a pain in the ass to actually put together – but I did it all for you, guys!

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