Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Things I Want to Read More of In YA

This week I was lucky with the theme because once I decided to keep my list in the young adult genre, I was taking down notes like crazy. It’s like I struck gold, though some of the things I mention here I already discussed a few weeks ago, but I hope nobody minds. So here is a list of ten things I wish YA had more of.

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Top Ten Tuesday: Book Cover Varia

As I predicted, two weeks in, and I already messed up. The thing is, I got carried away and didn’t have enough time to prepare for these weekly posts and the result, I missed last week’s post. It’s fine though, I’m fine, I’m back at it and this week I’m sharing with you guys ten book cover related facts – positive, negative, random, anything goes!

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Top Ten Tuesday: Things That Make Me Instantly Pick Up a Book

When I started reading more a few years ago, I didn’t know I had any specific tastes for books. I might have known deep down but I didn’t, and couldn’t, actually acknowledge it before I had read a few books, you know!? So I kept reading and I’m still reading and part of me knows that I do have things that I gravitate towards. May it be genre related, may it be plot-point related, or a word-of-mouth situation – I now have these things that instantly make me pick up that specific book. I’m hereby sharing all of my instantly want to read situations.

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Top Ten Tuesday: Most Unique Books I’ve Read

Here we go, week two of Top Ten Tuesday, and with the topic now fully book-related, I’m already sensing that this will become a much harder challenge than I originally thought. There is just no way I could think of ten books to fill up a category each week. As proven by the fact that for this week’s theme, I manage to think of five unique books I’ve read – which isn’t a good start to my Top Ten Tuesdays but at least it leaves me a lot of room to grow!

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