Top Ten Tuesday: Fandoms From My Past

Ever since I’ve been following Maria over at Big City Bookworm, I’ve been amazed at her skill to participate in multiple tag posts a week. I mean, I can hardly keep track of one (Thursday Movie Picks) let alone two/three per week! Anyway, Maria is awesome, which is one of the points I wanted to make, the other is that ever since I started reading her Top 10 Tuesdays, weekly tag created by The Broke and the Bookish, I’ve wanted to participate but I never really jumped for it… until today! Who knows if I’ll post for Top 10 Tuesday every week but I’ll try my best, especially since I’m clearly not writing any reviews lately.

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Veronica Mars (2014)

veronica mars movie reviewFew spoilers ahead!

As promised on Monday, this Veronica Mars week will end with the not-so-positive movie review and hopefully by now all of you hardcore Marshmallows understand that this review I’m about to write doesn’t come lightly to me. I loved the series, I adore Kristen Bell and I’m super happy about the fact that Rob Thomas made this movie with the fans and for the fans but all of that aside, Veronica Mars (Bell) just didn’t have that kick she had 10 years ago!

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10 Things I Love About Veronica Mars

veronica mars weekSome minor spoiler thing.

This will be the last Veronica Mars list this week because the review of the movie goes up on Sunday. That being said, this has been an interesting week for me and who knows, maybe I’ll do similar weekly TV-show appreciation posts some time in the future. I can think of many shows I could write about tons and would love to gush about but let’s get back to the topic at hand, here are my 10 things I love about Veronica Mars (in no particular order)!

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Top 5 Minor Characters in Veronica Mars

veronica mars weekMinor spoilers may be read from the post.

The idea was to list Top 10 characters but considering the main characters would’ve taken over the entire list, I figured I’d go with the Top 5 minor characters instead. Besides, it’s pretty obvious my favorite would be Veronica and/or Logan, because it’s hard to choose between them, followed by Weevil and Wallace and so on. Plus, it turned out better than expected because it was a lot easier to list and rank the minor and yet memorable characters!

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Top 10 Veronica Mars Episodes

veronica mars weekThere is just one spoiler ahead, you’ve been informed, continue!

This will be the Veronica Mars week! I decided on this today because I love Veronica Mars and why not dedicate a whole week to her? Also, I figured the best way to ease the not-so-positive Veronica Mars (2014) movie review, coming at the end of the week, is to show my eternal love for the show! Best way to do so is to make lists and well, there are a couple of lists coming this week and I’m not even sorry. So get ready to look back with me while I rejoice and celebrate the crime solving Veronica Mars who made me feel all kinds of happy for three years.

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