Breaking Emotions: Smiles, Thrills, Hate & Love


Previously this week I took on the challenge of posting all the scenes that create such emotions as Fear, Awkward, Tears and Surprise and it turned out quite well I think. Well, tackling the last four emotions was much more difficult, for example SMILES and THRILLS were easier picks, but HATE and LOVE were little harder to crack. Even now I’m not sure if the scenes I have listed with the last two emotions are actually the ones I want to share, but you’ll be the final judge of that!

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War Horse (2011)

For some reason I had lowered my expectations for War Horse before I even really saw the trailer. The plot seemed too far fetched and after the trailer, I put it aside with a clear plan of not watching it at all. But things change and I decided to give it a chance, why not I thought, but while it rocks a solid 7.2 score on IMDb, for me, War Horse never managed to bring on screen a coherent story: it didn’t take long until I often started questioning the logic and saw its profound heroism as way too mushy for my own taste. Considering its high rank and 6 Oscar nominations, I guess I belong to the minority and I don’t mind – some movies, such as War Horse, are a matter of personal preference.

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