Blogathon: My Movie Alphabet

Thanks to a kind recommendation, I’m hosting my first ever Blogathon! The idea is simple but trust me when I say this, deciding on a list is far more difficult – are you ready for the challenge? Those who are brave enough to take on this task, check out My Movie Alphabet for inspiration, motivation and maybe some guidelines, post your alphabet on your blog and send the link to my e-mail: Before you know it, your alphabet will be featured on this page.

Good luck and be creative!

PS: Use this lovely image (do you get it –  sea of letters?) and link back to this post so more can participate and by the end of the year, we’ll have a sea of movie alphabets!


55 thoughts on “Blogathon: My Movie Alphabet

  1. ruth

    What a lovely idea! I did a similar one last year but I might do it again, it’s a lot of fun. I’ll send you the link when I have it ready, Mettel.

  2. Erin @ RiffsAndReviews

    What a great idea! Finally got everything finished off tonight (although I wish I had the artistry of others to do cool graphics) and will email you the link when it goes live tomorrow. Surprisingly, the letters “F” and “R” gave me the most problems :)

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