10 Great Television Shows I Still Need To Watch

Over the years I have devoted a lot of my time to television shows. Though I no longer watch 30 shows a week (there was a moment in time where that was the number!), I still spend quite a lot of time on them but I have so far only scratched the surface. Here is a list of great television shows I still need to watch which, I must admit, is simply a fraction of a much larger list I’m too afraid to share.

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Endless List of Things I Love About Parks & Recreation

Some of you might already know, others will find out in a second: I watched all seven seasons of Parks and Recreation within 2-3 weeks. Truthfully, the last season took a little extra time but it was because I wanted to postpone the inevitable –  the end of something special. But luckily, I have endless possibilities to watch it again so.. it technically hasn’t ended, though it has, and it is quite sad. As a cure for the sadness, I’ve created this endless list (which isn’t actually endless) of things I love about Parks and Recreation.

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10 Movies I Can’t Wait To Watch

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Though I promised reviews and Sense8 posts, I’m now deviating from the plan by deciding to type up a quick one rather than not post at all today. And what’s better than sharing those 10 movies that I simply can’t wait to see this year as we have already surpassed the 6 month mark in 2015. What a year it has been and hopefully, what a year we will continue to have!

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More 10 Things That Really Annoy Me


It’s that time of the month again. No, not that time but the time where I list 10 things that really annoy me, just like I did in February. This time, since many of my readers are more tuned into the movie world, I’ll be sharing my annoyance towards, surprise surprise, movie related things.  Continue reading “More 10 Things That Really Annoy Me”

10 Things That Really Annoy Me


Sometimes I really need to let out some steam and this just happens to be one of those rare moments. Alright, it’s not that rare but I hardly ever write about things that annoy me or things that I just hate because I’d rather focus on the things that I love. This, as I already hinted, is not a day for love and celebration, this is a day to bash and destroy some current and past television related things that annoy the shit out of me!

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