My Top 9 Academy Awards Best Picture nominations

buttonI’m going to quote IMDb and say: “The big day is finally here!” but I don’t really care for all that buzz that’s going on. Firstly because it’s going to be pretty late (for me) when the show is on and I have never watched it live. Secondly, I can never say which actor deserves it better and which movie is worth more – I think you could say that I haven’t developed my award-sensitive nose yet. Despite all of that, I’m still going to list ALL nine Best Picture nominations in my Top 9 – some of it is based on ratings, but most of it highly based on my own subjective taste and opinions.

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11 thoughts on “My Top 9 Academy Awards Best Picture nominations”

    1. It’s the kind of movie that you can watch more than once, like Django, that’s why it’s the winner. Because.. if the movie is the Best, you should be able to see it again and again. And for me, that’s Silver Linings Playbook.

  1. We’re some of the only bloggers out there who rank SLP at the #1 slot! I was hoping it’d get more recognition from the Academy, but I was thrilled to see Jennifer win ❤

    1. I guess we have to stick together from now on! 😀 But it’s my number one because it was the only one of 9 I watched twice already and don’t mind to watch it again! It’s that kind of a movie, the rest aren’t.. even with Django I have to really try to make time (cause it’s so long).

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