2014 in Retrospect: Part 4

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Took me forever but it’s finally here, the list of my Top 15 favorite movies from 2014! As you know, I was struggling with it, I was certain some movies just had to be on it before I finished it. Then, I had to change 10 to 15, and this is the end result to hours and hours of brain cracking. Eventually, I also decided on a different favorite movie of 2014 than I had originally thought. In other words, this list is as full of surprises for me as it might be for you!

Here is the final list for the 2014 in Retrospect series!

Possibly good movies I haven’t seen yet: ’71, American Sniper, Wild, The Theory of Everything, Foxcatcher, Inherent Vice, The Guest, Selma, John Wick, Unbroken, Big Eyes, The Judge, The Normal Heart, A Most Violent Year, The Drop and many more.

cheftwo night standthe grand budapest hotelrudderlessboyhoodwhat ifedge of tomorrowthe imitation gameobvious childpridegone girlguardians of the galaxybirdmannightcrawlerwhiplash________________________

How about that? Whiplash takes the first place though it was Nightcrawler all the way for so long.. I guess some movies just quietly maintain there presence and Whiplash sort of did that. Then again there’s that long list of possibly good movies I haven’t seen yet – this was one hell of a year to be honest! Truly amazing with so many surprises, the rise of the indie genre and the style of making movies a little bit differently. Besides, I have to admit, it’s been a long time since I’ve been this excited about movies than I was in 2014!

Here’s to an even more thrilling 2015!

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30 thoughts on “2014 in Retrospect: Part 4”

    1. I did the same with Birdman so it’s understandable. But I couldn’t hold the list for longer because I already spent so much time making it and changing it, it became annoying. 😀

  1. I can’t even narrow it down to a top 20, I’ve been working on mine for ages now! I feel bad for the movies left out, and I still have a couple of movies I want to see before I publish. Anyway, we share some love here, like for Nightcrawler, Whiplash, Birdman, Gone Girl – all definitely in my top 10.

    How is Two Night Stand?

    1. Surprisingly good considering Ive watched it twice already and wouldn’t mind watching it again. I put it in because I rarely like those movies but in 2014.. I sort of liked two and I guess that means a lot. 😀

      1. I had never heard of it, but considering what you said and the fact that Tipton and Teller probably make the cutest, most lovable onscreen couple EVER, I’ll check it out this week. 😀

        1. And when you hate it, I’ll be the worst blogger ever. 😀 No but… it all depends on the mood as well, my mood was just right when I saw TNS. 🙂

    1. There are so many movies I’ve yet to see it’s madness.. but if I watched all, I’d probably be not able to put this list together at all. 😀

  2. Right now, I have Gone Girl in my top spot. I’ve got a long way to go, though. I’ve only seen of 5 of the movies on your list. Great work.

    1. I’ve seen so many different ones and it is somewhat awesome because it means there were so many great ones this year and everybody just likes what they like.. and it’s okay. 🙂

    1. I’m pretty sure it’ll be even higher after I see your review because based on one viewing, I’m pretty sure I missed a lot of awesome. 😀

      Tanks for the comment! 🙂

      1. My review is so far just the cover image, I have such trouble collecting all my thoughts into coherent whole. This film is insanely rich

  3. I literally haven’t seen most of these. I am a shame to my country, my parents and my dog. And CC Plaza. 😦

    Great list, though, and I totally believe all of these belong to a Top 15 of a year.

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